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Postpartum Isolation and Support during Covid-19

Having a newborn can be rather isolating and demanding, now in the face of social distancing, it may feel overwhelmingly so. It’s likely that your planned visitors and helpers will be kept at bay and unable to provide the postpartum support you were hoping for, which is unfair, and can be devastating for many. I think its important to grieve this type of loss and, once ready, allow any positive perspectives to shine through.

What if this is an opportunity to allow yourself to rest more deeply, to nest in with your baby and not rush back into the busyness of modern motherhood? You will probably have the rest of your mothering life to be out and about rushing around and scrambling to keep up. But the unique and early postpartum weeks you will never have with your baby again.

Now, with being forced to shelter in place, you have even more of an opportunity to really slow down and focus on the growth of that new bond between you and your new family.

A mother or new parent undoubtedly needs access to a supportive community when they bring a child into this world. So how can you receive postpartum care during a pandemic? You may have been anticipating family and helpers to come visit during this time, and now you are encouraged to have minimal contact. Or perhaps you were dreading the influx of visitors entering your vulnerable postpartum space and worried about hurting their feelings if you were to ask for some more time. You can now take a deep breath and know that there are indeed alternatives to connect outside of your newborn bubble while protecting your space and health. The benefits of this modern era is that much can be done virtually and at a “distance”, so you can still be connected to a community of support. There are also ways to plan for a smoother postpartum. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Visit with family through a video chat so they can still see the baby and you. They will eventually see the baby in person when he or she is a little older and more interactive.

  • Prep and freeze meals ahead of time so theres less cooking once baby arrives. Have lots of easy snacks accessible for you when you are feeding baby.

  • Have a friend or Postpartum Doula organize a meal train for you and people can drop it off at your doorstep in sanitized containers.

  • Stock up on postpartum essentials such as sanitary pads, nipple balm, breast pads, pain relief meds, witch hazel, lip balm and any other special recovery remedies for you. Keep some of these items in a basket that is easily accessible and can move around with you.

  • Have family members or friends take any pets on regular walks.

  • Get outside in the fresh air and sunlight. When you are ready, go on some gentle walks to get a little exercise. It can help improve your mood.

  • Have a Postpartum Doula that can do either in-person or virtual support consults so you receive both information on postpartum recovery, newborn care and breastfeeding, supporting you the whole way through

  • Stay connected with other moms and your community through various virtual support options (see below).

  • Have a list of postpartum resources ready and available for you shall you need it (see below).

There are tools for you to have a beautiful, supported and encouraging postpartum experience. There are a plethora of resources out there for new moms and families! Below is a list of resources available just for you. Whether it’s a virtual Postpartum Support Circle, a virtual Breastfeeding Cafe or a Postpartum Doula, I hope it can provide a little relief and comfort that you deserve as a new mother or parent.

Postpartum Resources

Breastfeeding Cafes FREE- Mondays at Bridges Pregnancy Clinic and

Virtual Cafes on Sundays 1230-2pm. to sign up for virtual cafe.

Brooke Radloff Postpartum Counseling-

Hearthstone Midwifery- breastfeeding support, newborn care.

Katie Oshita, IBCLC- FREE breastfeeding support group (1230pm Thursdays)

Mothering Arts- Community Supported Postpartum.

Mothers Clubs-

Napa Moms Squad-

Petaluma Mothers Club-

Santa Rosa Mothers Club-

Rose Burns Doula- In person and virtual breastfeeding and postpartum visits and guidance. Postpartum recovery meal delivery.

Postpartum Doulas-

Amy Heaney-

Birth Realm-

Family Focus Doula Care-

Root and Blossom-

Rose Burns Doula-

Postpartum Support Circle (online) with Flourish Integrative Health- Thursdays at 10 am-

Postpartum Support Center- FREE online peer support groups every Wednesday 7:00pm-

Postpartum Support Groups with Katherine Taylor (12pm on Tuesdays)

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