About Us

Our Mission

To provide women and their families access to a variety of birth and postpartum services to improve the quality of their health and experiences during their childbearing years. To provide perinatal professionals a network for collaboration and support for themselves while they support their community. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that every woman and/or birthing person has the right to a standard of excellence in their healthcare, to be treated with respect for human dignity and cultural preferences, and to be an active partner in decision-making. We believe in community support for the family, the cornerstone of our social structure.  

We believe that professionals working in this field deserve a strong support system for themselves so that they can better support the community they serve.

our purpose

To offer a comprehensive list of resources for health education and support that encourages women and their families to take responsibility for their well being. To provide professionals working in this field an opportunity to connect to each other, attend monthly member meetings, collaborate on continuing education and assisting in peer reviews. 

Professionals supporting each other so they can better support the community.

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